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Do you want your clients to…
…tell their friends about your great service?
…be loyal to you through the lives of all their pets?
…to think about you often, even between appointments?

Would it be even better yet if you were making money doing it?

We are recruiting fabulous veterinarians in most areas to
become Certified Memory Casters!

Here’s a quick checklist to see if we might be good partners:

- Are you interested in learning new skills?
- Can you devote roughly 30 minutes, one time, to practice casting paws?
- Do you like to offer your clients new services that your competitors don’t?
- Are you interested in helping your clients choose customizable options
  that suit their needs?
- Are you detail-oriented?
- Do you have time to accept the referrals that your clients will send you, after they
  show off their beautiful Memory Castings?

If you’ve answered YES to these questions then we might be a good fit. Call us today for more information 1-877-615-8450 or fill in this form and we’ll contact you!


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