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Q) How do I order a Memory Casting?
A) Contact one of the Certified Memory Casting Veterinarians in your area.
They will help you book an appointment for your casting and will walk you
through the whole process.

Q) How is the mould made?
A) High quality Dental Alginate is mixed a container and your pet’s paw
(trimmed of long hairs and lubricated with vegetable oil) is held in the
mixture for about 45 seconds. When the mould is hardened, but still
pliable, it is gently removed from the paw and sent to our artists.

Q) Will it hurt?
A) Absolutely not. Dental Alginate is a very soft material and it lets the pads
of the paw move around it. It is also safe to eat and therefore will not harm
your pet if small pieces get stuck in his fur. We use the same material for
casting newborn babies and your teeth at the dentist, so you know it’s safe.

Q) Can you only cast cats and dogs?
A) Nope. We have cast the paws and feet of ferrets, turtles, birds, horses
and rabbits!

Q) When will I get my finished castings?
A) We strive to have your finished products returned to your Veterinarian
within four weeks of your casting appointment.

Q) How much does it cost?
A) Each veterinarian sets their own prices for our products. Please consult
your Veterinarian directly for a quote.

Q) Can you take a casting after our animal has died?
A) Each Veterinarian offers a different service. Some offer only
Bereavement Services (after death), others do live castings only when
your pet is anesthetized for surgery/dental work, and some offer fully
awake casting service (depending on the temperament of your pet).
Talk to your Veterinarian as she will provide the best possible answer to
this question.

Q) Do I have to have my pet’s claws cut before the casting

A) No. We will, however, probably trim the claws off the final sculpture, but
not on the animal himself. Claws have a tendency to look scary when cast
in stone, so we use our artistic judgment and sculpt them down to a blunt
end so they don’t look menacing.

Q) How do I know I’m getting my pet’s paw back?
A) You will also be able to recognize the unique characteristics of your
animal’s paw shape, size an pad configuration because like humans, animal
paws are also very individual. We have a flawless labeling and tracking
system that will follow your pets paw from the initial mold at the vet clinic
all the way through our art studio and back to your veterinarian.

Q) My cat’s paw is very fuzzy. Can she be cast?
A) Your Veterinarian will significantly trim the fur from your pet’s paw for a
cleaner look in the finished product. The paw will be wet down with oil
before casting so that any fur left behind will clump together and simply
look wet in the finished product. The oil allows the casting material to be
released from the paw without pulling hairs out. Any oil or casting material
left behind is 100% edible.

Q) What if my animals’ veterinarian is not a Certified Memory

A) You may choose to take your animal to one of our other, certified vets.
Or, if you think your vet is fabulous, and you want to work with them, please
give us their information and our recruiter will contact them to see if they are eligible to join our training program.

Q) I am a veterinarian and would like to become a Certified
Memory Caster. How can I do it?

A) We certify and train only fabulous veterinarians. If that could be you,
please head to our Veterinarian Area page to give us some more information.
Our recruiter will be in touch shortly to help guide you through the process.


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